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Are monthly bank and credit card reconciliations time consuming? Do you have questions about what is a valid expense, what can be capitalized as a business asset, or what qualifies as a tax deduction? Are these questions preventing you from focusing on your business? Let us provide a professional and cost-efficient alternative. When compared to the cost of an in-house accountant, outsourcing your accounting to us is a smart cost-effective option.  

CFO Services

Do you have a board, investors, creditors, or debtors that require financial statement presentations? Are you in need of a strategic partner to help manage the company's future financial success? Commonly referred to as a a Fractional CFO, we can take on administrative, financial, and risk management functions, including identifying and tracking relevant KPIs, developing and monitoring of a system of internal controls, decision support functions, and budgets. By partnering from within your operations, we can help you achieve your numbers.

Payroll Services

Your employees are your greatest assets. They deserve to be paid properly and timely. Managing payroll, taxes, benefits, and deductions in-house can be demanding. Errors can be troublesome and costly. Using an accounting firm adds professionalism and provides confidence that your business is in compliance. Our team works behind the scenes to process, pay, and file your payroll and taxes so that you can run your business. 

Real Estate

Experienced investors understand the importance of finding investments, developing a strategy and leveraging funding. That plus current tax advantages will help maximize your ROI. Our team is experienced preparing financial reports for syndications, partnerships, mortgage companies, and 3rd party funders. We help HOAs, single and vacation rentals, multi-family and commercial investors by preparing compliance and specialty reports like CAM Reconciliations, annual budgets, comparative income statements, and 1031 Exchanges

Sale of Business

Ready to sell? You spent years growing your company knowing you would one day sell it. Now that day is nearly here. The big question: How much is it worth. How much would I actually get? What will it cost to sell my business? What will be my tax bill? Are there alternatives? Let's make a plan together. 

Tax Services

Tax returns can be stressful. Especially, when not properly planned. If you are not planning for your taxes with a tax professional, then you may be missing out on deductions and credits. As a professional tax and accounting firm that knows your business, we are best suited to help you develop your tax plan. Our goal is the same. To minimize your taxes and maximize the money you keep. 

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